SIC Codes and Counts by Division

Division: I — Services

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Code Industry Title Number of Business Establishments
70Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, and Other Lodging Places141,753
7011Hotels and Motels118,501
7021Rooming and Boarding Houses1,823
7032Sporting and Recreational Camps8,734
7033Trailer Parks and Campsites11,012
7041Membership-basis Organization Hotels1,683
72Personal Services738,035
7211Power Laundries, Family and Commercial1,763
7212Garment Pressing and Cleaners' Agents5,494
7213Linen Supply1,790
7215Coin-operated Laundries and Cleaning12,976
7216Drycleaning Plants, Except Rugs16,877
7217Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning15,734
7218Industrial Launderers1,088
7219Laundry and Garment Services, Nec8,582
7221Photographic Studios, Portrait87,013
7231Beauty Shops301,857
7241Barber Shops36,547
7251Shoe Repair and Shoeshine Parlors2,915
7261Funeral Service and Crematories26,895
7291Tax Return Preparation Services63,372
7299Miscellaneous Personal Services155,132
73Business Services1,902,761
7311Advertising Agencies23,722
7312Outdoor Advertising Services1,775
7313Radio, Television, Publisher Representatives3,542
7319Advertising, Nec5,970
7322Adjustment and Collection Services4,566
7323Credit Reporting Services1,254
7331Direct Mail Advertising Services4,844
7334Photocopying and Duplicating Services5,885
7335Commercial Photography16,608
7336Commercial Art and Graphic Design35,925
7338Secretarial and Court Reporting11,137
7342Disinfecting and Pest Control Services29,172
7349Building Maintenance Services, Nec103,856
7352Medical Equipment Rental2,279
7353Heavy Construction Equipment Rental5,483
7359Equipment Rental and Leasing, Nec64,409
7361Employment Agencies40,139
7363Help Supply Services20,985
7371Custom Computer Programming Services112,108
7372Prepackaged Software23,535
7373Computer Integrated Systems Design21,782
7374Data Processing and Preparation21,148
7375Information Retrieval Services5,529
7376Computer Facilities Management1,158
7377Computer Rental and Leasing520
7378Computer Maintenance and Repair12,866
7379Computer Related Services, Nec73,566
7381Detective and Armored Car Services30,519
7382Security Systems Services15,887
7383News Syndicates871
7384Photofinish Laboratories4,397
7389Business Services, Nec1,197,324
75Automotive Repair, Services and Parking374,432
7513Truck Rental and Leasing, Without Drivers16,846
7514Passenger Car Rental14,945
7515Passenger Car Leasing875
7519Utility Trailer Rental4,096
7521Automobile Parking6,065
7532Top and Body Repair and Paint Shops50,144
7533Auto Exhaust System Repair Shops6,011
7534Tire Retreading and Repair Shops2,244
7536Automotive Glass Replacement Shops6,519
7537Automotive Transmission Repair Shops7,610
7538General Automotive Repair Shops153,407
7539Automotive Repair Shops, Nec29,453
7549Automotive Services, Nec44,366
76Miscellaneous Repair Services307,639
7622Radio and Television Repair4,970
7623Refrigeration Service and Repair6,192
7629Electrical Repair Shops18,036
7631Watch, Clock, and Jewelry Repair3,120
7641Reupholstery and Furniture Repair11,812
7692Welding Repair15,919
7694Armature Rewinding Shops1,599
7699Repair Services, Nec245,991
78Motion Pictures84,045
7812Motion Picture and Video Production27,868
7819Services Allied To Motion Pictures13,104
7822Motion Picture and Tape Distribution31,559
7829Motion Picture Distribution Services362
7832Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-in6,234
7833Drive-in Motion Picture Theaters122
7841Video Tape Rental4,796
79Amusement and Recreation Services373,311
7911Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls20,068
7922Theatrical Producers and Services16,796
7929Entertainers and Entertainment Groups57,303
7933Bowling Centers5,095
7941Sports Clubs, Managers, and Promoters11,702
7948Racing, Including Track Operation5,792
7991Physical Fitness Facilities87,338
7992Public Golf Courses8,205
7993Coin-operated Amusement Devices2,850
7996Amusement Parks2,420
7997Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs47,905
7999Amusement and Recreation, Nec107,837
80Health Services1,395,250
8011Offices and Clinics of Medical Doctors480,216
8021Offices and Clinics of Dentists209,799
8031Offices and Clinics of Osteopathic Physicians9,248
8041Offices and Clinics of Chiropractors67,866
8042Offices and Clinics of Optometrists33,757
8043Offices and Clinics of Podiatrists15,098
8049Offices of Health Practitioner195,324
8051Skilled Nursing Care Facilities25,437
8052Intermediate Care Facilities8,369
8059Nursing and Personal Care, Nec16,447
8062General Medical and Surgical Hospitals32,874
8063Psychiatric Hospitals1,818
8069Specialty Hospitals, Except Psychiatric5,947
8071Medical Laboratories18,595
8072Dental Laboratories8,470
8082Home Health Care Services51,711
8092Kidney Dialysis Centers10,150
8093Specialty Outpatient Clinics, Nec53,572
8099Health and Allied Services, Nec150,552
81Legal Services335,523
8111Legal Services335,523
82Educational Services371,984
8211Elementary and Secondary Schools212,470
8221Colleges and Universities37,172
8222Junior Colleges4,974
8243Data Processing Schools4,240
8244Business and Secretarial Schools891
8249Vocational Schools, Nec10,081
8299Schools and Educational Services76,134
83Social Services407,964
8322Individual and Family Services198,037
8331Job Training and Related Services12,905
8351Child Day Care Services112,960
8361Residential Care30,789
8399Social Services, Nec53,273
84Museums, Art Galleries and Botanical and Zoological Gardens30,435
8412Museums and Art Galleries28,575
8422Botanical and Zoological Gardens1,860
86Membership Organizations717,802
8611Business Associations33,256
8621Professional Organizations35,018
8631Labor Organizations16,160
8641Civic and Social Associations160,373
8651Political Organizations3,282
8661Religious Organizations364,829
8699Membership Organizations, Nec104,884
87Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management & Related Svcs1,176,860
8711Engineering Services96,861
8712Architectural Services38,992
8713Surveying Services12,512
8721Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping122,052
8731Commercial Physical Research22,294
8732Commercial Nonphysical Research14,438
8733Noncommercial Research Organizations20,003
8734Testing Laboratories14,551
8741Management Services152,645
8742Management Consulting Services264,590
8743Public Relations Services15,970
8744Facilities Support Services4,786
8748Business Consulting, Nec397,166
89Services, Not Elsewhere Classified79,462
Total Business Establishments16,795,050

Division: I — Services

This division includes establishments primarily engaged in providing a wide variety of services for individuals, business and government establishments, and other organizations. Hotels and other lodging places; establishments providing personal, business, repair, and amusement services; health, legal, engineering, and other professional services; educational institutions; membership organizations, and other miscellaneous services, are included.

Establishments which provide specialized services closely allied to activities covered in other divisions are classified in such divisions.