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Raw Data at Your Fingertips

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Full Data Integration

With Unfettered Access to Our Acclaimed Worldwide Database, your
In-House Team can Leverage the Data for any Practical Internal Use. Enrich your Existing Data, Integrate with CRMs, Generate Reports, and any Other Conceivable Application. Some of the benefits include:

  • Complete access to all of the data for sales leads, analysis, profiling, appending, telemarketing, and more
  • Customizable output, clients can select as little or as much data as they want
  • Data can be updated on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis
  • Access the data in a variety of ways such as a flat file, fixed length, or API access
Database Licensing = Dramatic Savings

Purchasing Millions of Business Listings can be Cost Prohibitive! By Licensing the Data, your Enterprise can take advantage of the Highest Quality Business Data at an Affordable Price.

Leverage the Data You Need

Whether your Data Universe includes the Entire Domestic Database, International Files, or Large Subsets based on Industry/Geography/Company Size, our Data Experts will work with you to Identify the Ideal Parameters to meet your Organization's Goals.

All The Data You Need

Fully Accessible for Any Use Case

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Standard License Vs. Data Distribution License

A Standard License allows you access to the Full Dataset In-House for:

  • Sales leads
  • Analysis
  • Profiling
  • Appending
  • Telemarketing
  • Compliance Efforts

A Data Distribution License is the Ideal Solution for Resellers, Offering the Ability to Resell the Data. Some Reseller Use Cases Include:

  • Business Marketing List Sales
  • API Integration
  • Phone Applications
  • Software Applications
  • Online Lookup Tools
  • More

Narrow By Geography

License Only The Data You Need


US or Worldwide - Full or Partial License

Whether you need Access to the Complete US or Worldwide Database or a Subset, this Solution can be Catered to Meet your Needs.

Data can be further tailored in a variety of ways including: Geographic Selects, Size Parameters, Industry Preferences and, Many More!

Some Available Data Sets Include:

  • US database (47 million)
  • WorldBase (177 million)
  • Canadian file (4 million)
  • UK file (5 million)

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