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Three-in-One Workbook:
Annual Sales, Total Employees and Employees On Site

*Numbers are updated quarterly based on Current D&B Figures.*

Each Worksheet contains all 1,040 NAICS Codes profiled by Size Ranges.

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Utilizing the most comprehensive, updated information available, we can provide NAICS and SIC lists to meet just about any need. With complete profiles on over 19 million US companies and 80 million businesses worldwide, we can create comprehensive and current targeted business lists for your sales and marketing initiatives.


Clone Your Best Customers - Target Market to Look-Alike Prospects

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Duplicate your success with a look-alike prospect list of your current best customers.

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Identify Key Firmographic Details on Over 19 Million U.S. Companies.

Search Businesses by Company Name and Postal Code, Company Name and Address, and Phone Number. 

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Additional Market Research Resources

A Guide to the 10 Best Free Online Market Research Tools: Get a Full Picture of Your Business Data and Market Segments.

Downloads: How to Use NAICS & SIC Codes for Marketing & Cloning Your Best Customers for B2B Marketing Success

Valuable Content for Business Owners, CEOs, Marketers, Salespeople and Market Researchers.