Alpha Testing for the Business Intelligence API is Officially Closed.

We would like to extend our gratitude to those who participated in the test. Your feedback has been extremely valuable, and with it, we will be launching the Beta Phase of testing with much anticipated improvements.

NOTE: For continued service while we await the launch of the Beta Test, please utilize our periodic Batch Appends. Call (973) 625-5626 for assistance.

-What Our API Can do for YOU-

Obtain Firmographic Data on over 19 million US Companies, to keep your contact records clean, enhanced and augmented to suit your business needs.

Match your current and incoming records to insightful data including NAICS & SIC Information, Sales and Employee Figures, as well as several Standard Record Layouts.

Enhance Incoming Customer & Prospect Data in Real-Time.

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Alpha Test Users benefit from early access to the API at a discounted price. Once the API is officially launched and Pricing established, our Alpha Test Users will continue to benefit from a discounted rate as thanks for their early support.

All you need are the Following Four Data Elements, (company name, address, postal code, phone number) and NAICS Association can append one of several Standard Record Layouts in Real Time.

The Best Part: You only get Charged for the Records we Match!

Click Here for Standard API Output Options

Click Here to Download the API Code and Manual.


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