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You can’t analyze what you can’t see!
Let NAICS Association Transform Your
Old, Useless Customer Files
Into Actionable Business Intelligence!

Append any of over two dozen Single Data Elements including NAICS and SIC Codes and Descriptions,or select one of several Standard Record Layouts.

NAICS Association Will Accurately Append 80% – 99% of all records processed. Numbers that can’t be matched by any of our competitors!

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What is a Data Append Service?

A Data Append is a process by which outdated customer data is updated and enhanced. NAICS Association can match your existing client files against the largest business database on the planet to revive outdated listings and add essential intelligence to your files.

Customer Data Loses its Utility at a Rate of 2% – 4% Per Month

Within a year, more than 20% of your data may become worthless. This leads to poor customer retention, wasted marketing efforts, and frustrated salesmen.

Maintain Data Integrity

Don’t let your Sales, Marketing and Compliance efforts be compromised by outdated or incomplete data.


Achieve BSA & Patriot Act Compliance

“BSA/USAPA Risk Assessment guidelines require financial institutions to be able to identify “High-Risk and “Cash-Intensive business customers. Absent specific information about the types of businesses in your bank’s customer files, this can be exceedingly difficult to do. NAICS coding of account relationships offers an effective means of analyzing and risk assessing customer portfolios. With NAICS and SIC codes that are current, and valid through [2022], NAICS Association is clearly the finest provider of this important service.

Ken Proctor – Cornerstone Advisors, Inc.

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• Identify Your Key Markets Appending NAICS & SIC Codes to your files provides you with Fresh Insight into the identity of your current customers and potential new prospects.

• Append Vital Data Elements, Quickly and Efficiently for your Sales, Marketing and Compliance Initiatives.

• Improve Internal Customer Analytics and B2B Marketing Segmentation.

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Available Data Append Options:

Data Append Services allow for a plethora of Data Selects to be acquired on your Existing Business Customers and Leads. Selections can be made from our Standard Data Append Record Layouts, by Single Data Elements, or by a Combination of Both, Ensuring that You Have Access to All of the Vital, Actionable Firmographic Data you Require.

Standard Record Layouts:

Download a Spreadsheet Containing Sample Data Appends

Single Data Elements:


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Data Append Pricing Model:

Fee Example – NAICS Code Append to 10,000 Record Database (Step-Down Pricing Available at Higher Quantities)

Set-Up Fee*

Matching Fee
($100 per thousand records)

Append Codes & Descriptions
($100 per thousand records)


  *Set-Up Fee is Reduced for Files Under 10,000 Records

Fee Example – NAICS Code Append to 10,000 Record Database (Step-Down Pricing Available at Higher Quantities)
Set-Up Fee: $1,000
Match Fee ($100 per thousand): $1,000
Append NAICS Codes & Descriptions ($100 per thousand): $1,000
Total: $3,000

We would be happy to process a small file at no cost to show the accuracy and efficiency of our service. That is why NAICS Association is the Go-To Data Append Company for businesses of all types. Give us a try – We will impress!

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 Data Matching:

NAICS Association can Match Your Data to 19 Million
U.S Businesses 
and Over 90 Million Businesses Worldwide.

At NAICS Association, we have access to the most Intuitive, Accurate and Intelligently Weighted Matching Tools of their kind. Our Tools use up to 11 different Factors to pinpoint the most accurate match available, allowing us to return only the Best Results Possible.

Best Data Elements for Matching:
  1. Company Name, Full Address, and Company Phone 
  2. Company Name, Country
  3. DUNS Number
  4. URL/Email

We can match effectively with outdated address information by utilizing previous address data. No matter your data situation, we can find a solution.

The Process:

Describe Your Needs, Provide a Sample, Approve the Outputs, and Enjoy the Results. 

From Start to Finish, a Dedicated Data Append Specialist will guide you through this short and simple process, always available to answer any questions.

Here is a Breakout of the overall Customer Experience you can expect:

  1. Determining the ideal Data Append for Your Unique Needs
    • With dozens of Single data elements available, and four Standard record layouts, there are countless ways to customize a data append to your needs. Far from the one-size-fits-all mentality of many of our competitors, we ensure that you pay only for the data you need.
  2. Delivery of a Statement of Work and Price Quote
    • Once your needs have been determined, a Statement of Work will be delivered to your inbox,  outlining the project in clear terms.
  3. Sample File Append
    • We provide a free sample append of up to 300 records to demonstrate the exact quality of results you can expect.
  4. Sample Review & Adjustment
    • Your Dedicated Data Append Specialist will review your sample file and make adjustments as needed to ensure your data matches with the best possible results.
  5. Submit the Full File

Get the Best Results at the Best Price.


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