One Subscription Platform: Two Powerful Data Enhancement Methods

Business Intelligence API


Integrate our Business Intelligence API to seamlessly append Vital data to your Customer Acquisition Efforts.

► Match your Business Listings in Real-Time to our Database to Gain Valuable Insights on your Customers.

► Obtain Firmographic Data on over 122 Million US and International Business Locations.

► Integrate with Your Existing Business Systems including CRMs, SFAs, and other Internal Operating Software.

Global Batch Tool


Upload. Enhance. Download. An Elegant and Secure Solution for Your Ongoing Batch Append Needs.

Use Your Append Credits to Access the NEW GBDM!

1. Upload a File for Enhancement

2. Download the Appended File

3. Delete the Uploaded File

4. Enjoy The Best Business Data on an Ongoing Basis

This New Tool is a Simple and Secure Ongoing Solution for Your Batch Append Needs.

Data Output Options For the BizAPI & Global Batch Tool:

Standard Record Layouts for the BizAPI & GB:

• NAICS Codes & SIC Codes

• Telemarketing Record

• Enhanced Telemarketing Record

• Prospecting Record

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Data Elements Include:

• NAICS & SIC Information
• Sales and Employee Figures
• Address Information
• Contact Information
• Line of Business
• Location Type
• Year Started

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