One Subscription Platform: Two Powerful Data Enhancement Methods

Business Intelligence API


Integrate our Business Intelligence API to seamlessly append Vital data to your Customer Acquisition Efforts.

► Match your Business Listings in Real-Time to our Database to Gain Valuable Insights on your Customers.

► Obtain Firmographic Data on over 122 Million US and International Business Locations.

► Integrate with Your Existing Business Systems including CRMs, SFAs, and other Internal Operating Software.

Global Batch Tool


Upload. Enhance. Download
and Delete. A Simple and Secure Ongoing Solution for Your Batch Append Needs.

Use Your Append Credits to Access the NEW GBDM!

1. Upload a File for Enhancement

2. Download the Appended File

3. Delete the Uploaded File

4. Enjoy The Best Business Data on an Ongoing Basis

This New Tool is a Simple and Secure Ongoing Solution for Your Batch Append Needs.

Data Output Options For the BizAPI & Global Batch Tool:

Standard Record Layouts for the BizAPI & GB:

• NAICS Codes & SIC Codes

• Telemarketing Record

• Enhanced Telemarketing Record

• Prospecting Record

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Data Elements Include:

• NAICS & SIC Information
• Sales and Employee Figures
• Address Information
• Contact Information
• Line of Business
• Location Type
• Year Started

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