SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7359—Equipment Rental and Leasing, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing (except finance leasing) equipment, not elsewhere classified. Establishments primarily engaged in finance leasing are classified in Finance, Industry 6159. Establishments renting and leasing automobiles and trucks without drivers are classified in Industry Group 751; those renting automobiles with drivers are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities, Industry 4119; those renting trucks with drivers are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities, Industry Group 421; those renting personal items such as lockers (other than refrigerated), clothes, and pillows are classified in Industry 7299; those renting amusement and recreation items, such as bicycles, canoes, and beach chairs and accessories are classified in Industry 7999; and those renting commercial boats are classified in Transportation and Public Utilities, Industry 4499. Establishments producing machinery and equipment (including computers and other data processing equipment) which lease or sell their products are classified in Division D, Manufacturing. Manufacturers'sales branches or offices leasing or selling the machinery and equipment of their manufacturing plant are classified in Division F, Wholesale Trade. Establishments primarily engaged in leasing computer time, including time sharing services, are classified in Industry 7374; and those renting or leasing computers or data processing equipment are classified in Industry 7377.

Airplane rental and leasingParty supplies rental and leasing
Appliance rental and leasingPiano rental and leasing
Coin-operated machine rental and leasingPlants, live: rental and leasing
Electronic equipment rental and leasing, except medical and computerRental and leasing of dishes, silverware, and tables
Furniture rental and leasingTelevision rental and leasing
Industrial truck rental and leasingToilets, portable: rental and leasing
Office machine rental and leasing, except computersTool rental and leasing
Oil field equipment rental and leasingVending machines, rental only
Oil well drilling equipment rental and leasingVideo recorder and player rental and leasing
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7359Equipment Rental and Leasing, Nec66,009
735900Equipment rental and leasing, nec40,697
73590000Equipment rental and leasing, nec40,697
735901Home cleaning and maintenance equipment rental services741
73590100Home cleaning and maintenance equipment rental services521
73590101Carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment rental122
73590102Floor maintenance equipment rental48
73590103Laundry equipment leasing50
735902Coin-operated machine rental services1,284
73590200Coin-operated machine rental services97
73590201Coin-operated video game rental72
73590202Vending machine rental1,115
735903Pallet rental services30
73590300Pallet rental services22
73590301Pallet box rental8
735904Aircraft and industrial truck rental services982
73590400Aircraft and industrial truck rental services67
73590401Aircraft rental733
73590402Industrial truck rental182
735905Business machine and electronic equipment rental services2,183
73590500Business machine and electronic equipment rental services265
73590501Audio-visual equipment and supply rental1,146
73590502Electronic equipment rental, except computers135
73590503Geophysical equipment rental17
73590504Mobile communication equipment rental76
73590505Office machine rental, except computers84
73590506Sound and lighting equipment rental460
735906Party supplies rental services6,544
73590600Party supplies rental services6,465
73590601Dishes, silverware, tables, and banquet accessories rental79
735907Home appliance, furniture, and entertainment rental services7,337
73590700Home appliance, furniture, and entertainment rental services2,390
73590701Appliance rental2,751
73590702Furniture rental1,527
73590703Home entertainment equipment rental84
73590704Hot tub and spa rental40
73590705Television rental184
73590706Video cassette recorder and accessory rental361
735908Animal and plant rental services166
73590800Animal and plant rental services22
73590801Animal rental31
73590802Live plant rental113
735909Musical instrument rental services250
73590900Musical instrument rental services226
73590901Piano rental24
735999Equipment rental and leasing, nec, nec5,795
73599901Garage facility and tool rental121
73599902Lawn and garden equipment rental167
73599903Photographic equipment rental72
73599904Portable toilet rental1,617
73599905Propane equipment rental53
73599906Rental store, general1,725
73599907Shipping container leasing193
73599908Sign rental79
73599909Stores and yards equipment rental473
73599910Tent and tarpaulin rental352
73599911Tool rental819
73599912Work zone traffic equipment (flags, cones, barrels, etc.)124