Industry: 7218—Industrial Launderers
Establishments primarily engaged in supplying laundered or drycleaned industrial work uniforms and related work clothing, such as protective apparel (flame and heat resistant) and clean room apparel; laundered mats and rugs; dust control items, such as treated mops, rugs, mats, dust tool covers, and cloths; laundered wiping towels; and other selected items to industrial, commercial, and government users. These items may belong to the industrial launderer and be supplied to users on a rental basis, or they may be the customers'own goods. Establishments included in this industry may or may not operate their own laundry or drycleaning facilities.

Clean room apparel supply serviceSafety glove supply service
Flame and heat resistant clothing supply serviceTowel supply service wiping
Industrial launderersTreated mats, rugs, mops, dust tool covers, and cloth supply service
Industrial uniform supply serviceWiping towel supply service
Laundered mat and rug supply serviceWork clothing supply service, industrial
Radiation protective garments supply service
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7218Industrial Launderers1,030
721800Industrial launderers384
72180000Industrial launderers384
721801Industrial equipment launderers121
72180100Industrial equipment launderers24
72180101Laundered mat and rug supply25
72180102Treated equipment supply: mats, rugs, mops, cloths, etc.27
72180103Wiping towel supply45
721802Industrial clothing launderers525
72180200Industrial clothing launderers43
72180201Clean room apparel supply13
72180202Flame and heat resistant clothing supply11
72180203Industrial uniform supply365
72180204Radiation protective garment supply22
72180205Safety glove supply34
72180206Work clothing supply37