Industry: 8721—Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing accounting, bookkeeping, and related auditing services. These establishments may use data processing and tabulating techniques as part of providing their services. However, establishments primarily engaged in providing data processing and tabulating services are classified in Industry 7374. Establishments providing income tax return preparation service without also furnishing accounting, auditing, or bookkeeping services are classified in Industry 7291.

Accounting serviceCertified public accountants (CPAs)
Auditing service, accountsPayroll accounting service
Bookkeeping and billing servicePublic accountants certified
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8721Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping114,752
872100Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping29,968
87210000Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping29,968
872101Auditing services60,828
87210100Auditing services1,096
87210101Certified public accountant59,732
872102Accounting services, except auditing9,865
87210200Accounting services, except auditing7,198
87210201Calculating and statistical service122
87210202Payroll accounting service2,545
872199Accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping, nec14,091
87219901Billing and bookkeeping service14,091