Industry: 7379—Computer Related Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in supplying computer related services, not elsewhere classified. Computer consultants operating on a contract or fee basis are classified in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in producing prepackaged software are classified in Industry 7372; and those engaged in offering data processing courses or training in computer programming and in computer and computer peripheral equipment operation, repair, and maintenance are classified in Industry 8243.

Computer consultantsDisk and diskette recertification services
Data base developersRequirements analysis, computer hardware
Data processing consultantsTape recertification service
Disk and diskette conversion services
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7379Computer Related Services, Nec64,271
737900Computer related services, nec8,035
73790000Computer related services, nec8,035
737901Computer related maintenance services4,511
73790100Computer related maintenance services4,236
73790101Disk and diskette conversion service58
73790102Disk and diskette recertification service18
73790103Tape recertification service11
73790104Word processing equipment maintenance15
73790105Computer data escrow service173
737902Computer related consulting services51,440
73790200Computer related consulting services38,084
73790201Computer hardware requirements analysis204
73790202Data processing consultant1,002
73790203Online services technology consultants12,150
737999Diskette duplication Service285
73799901Diskette duplicating service285