SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7812—Motion Picture and Video Tape Production
Establishments primarily engaged in the production of theatrical and nontheatrical motion pictures and video tapes for exhibition or sale, including educational, industrial, and religious films. Included in the industry are establishments engaged in both production and distribution. Producers of live radio and television programs are classified in Industry 7922. Establishments primarily engaged in motion picture and video tape reproduction are classified in Industry 7819 and those engaged in distribution are classified in Industry 7822.

Audiovisual motion picture program productionNontheatrical motion picture production
Cartoon motion picture productionReligious motion picture production
Commercials, television: tape or film productionTape production, video or motion picture
Educational motion picture productionTelevision film production
Industrial motion picture productionTraining motion picture production
Motion picture production and distributionVideo tape production
Music video production
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7812Motion Picture and Video Production27,272
781200Motion picture and video production11,605
78120000Motion picture and video production11,605
781201Motion picture production4,184
78120100Motion picture production1,321
78120101Cartoon motion picture production113
78120102Educational motion picture production144
78120103Educational motion picture production, television129
78120104Industrial motion picture production57
78120105Motion picture production and distribution285
78120106Motion picture production and distribution, television241
78120107Non-theatrical motion picture production32
78120108Non-theatrical motion picture production, television55
78120109Religious motion picture production14
78120110Television film production1,746
78120111Training motion picture production47
781202Video production9,295
78120200Video production7,363
78120201Music video production526
78120202Video tape production1,406
781299Motion picture and video production, nec2,188
78129901Audio-visual program production1,696
78129902Cartoon production, television52
78129903Commercials, television: tape or film440