SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8661—Religious Organizations
Establishments of religious organizations operated for worship, religious training or study, government or administration of an organized religion, or for promotion of religious activities. Other establishments maintained by religious organizations, such as educational institutions, hospitals, publishing houses, reading rooms, social services, and secondhand stores, are classified according to their primary activity. Also included in this industry are religious groups which reach the public through radio or television media. Establishments of such religious groups which produce taped religious programming for television are classified in Industry 7812, and those which produce live religious programs are classified in Industry 7922. Establishments of such groups which operate radio or television stations are classified in Communications, Major Group 48.

ChurchesReligious organizations
ConventsShrines, religious
Religious instruction, provided by religious organizations
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8661Religious Organizations365,711
866100Religious organizations49,088
86610000Religious organizations49,088
866101Churches, temples, and shrines311,490
86610100Churches, temples, and shrines22,546
86610101Apostolic Church1,789
86610102Assembly of God Church4,711
86610103Baptist Church67,957
86610104Brethren Church411
86610105Buddhist temple969
86610106Catholic Church22,283
86610107Christian and Reformed Church1,817
86610108Christian Reformed Church854
86610109Christian Science Church570
86610110Church of the Nazarene3,819
86610111Church of Christ9,577
86610112Church of God3,395
86610113Community Church6,450
86610114Covenant and Evangelical Church1,351
86610115Episcopal Church5,965
86610116Greek Orthodox Church729
86610117Inter-denominational church438
86610118Lutheran Church15,079
86610119Mennonite Church406
86610120Methodist Church26,284
86610121Miscellaneous denomination church70,553
86610122Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church)1,804
86610123Non-denominational church12,258
86610124Pentecostal Church5,989
86610125Presbyterian Church10,204
86610126Reformed Church409
86610127Seventh Day Adventist Church4,769
866102Nonchurch religious organizations5,133
86610200Nonchurch religious organizations2,822
86610203Religious instruction814