Industry: 7384—Photofinishing Laboratories
Establishments primarily engaged in developing film and in making photographic prints and enlargements for the trade or for the general public. Establishments primarily engaged in processing motion picture and video film for the motion picture and television industries are classified in Industry 7819.

Developing and printing of film, except commercial motion picturePhotofinishing laboratories, except for the motion picture industry
Developing and processing of home moviesPhotograph developing and retouching
Film processing, except for the motion picture industryPhotographic laboratories, except for the motion picture industry
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7384Photofinish Laboratories4,558
738400Photofinish laboratories677
73840000Photofinish laboratories677
738401Photographic services3,221
73840100Photographic services2,301
73840101Photofinishing laboratory696
73840102Photograph developing and retouching205
73840103Photograph enlarging19
738402Film developing services660
73840200Film developing services117
73840201Film developing and printing313
73840202Film processing and finishing laboratory150
73840203Home movies, developing and processing80