Industry: 8711—Engineering Services
Establishments primarily engaged in providing professional engineering services. Establishments primarily providing and supervising their own engineering staff on temporary contract to other firms are included in this industry. Establishments providing engineering personnel, but not general supervision, are classified in Industry 7363. Establishments primarily engaged in providing architectural engineering services are classified in Industry 8712, and those providing photogrammetric engineering services are classified in Industry 8713.

Designing ship, boat, and machineMarine engineering services
Engineering services: industrial, civil, electrical, mechanical, petroleum, marine, and designPetroleum engineering services
Machine tool designers
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
8711Engineering Services89,422
871100Engineering services48,688
87110000Engineering services48,688
871101Sanitary engineers391
87110100Sanitary engineers148
87110101Pollution control engineering243
871102Industrial engineers2,966
87110200Industrial engineers512
87110201Machine tool design350
87110202Mechanical engineering2,104
871103Petroleum, mining, and chemical engineers821
87110300Petroleum, mining, and chemical engineers146
87110301Chemical engineering304
87110302Mining engineer106
87110303Petroleum engineering265
871104Construction and civil engineering13,412
87110400Construction and civil engineering1,773
87110401Building construction consultant4,344
87110402Civil engineering5,015
87110403Heating and ventilation engineering337
87110404Structural engineering1,943
871199Engineering services, nec23,144
87119901Acoustical engineering306
87119902Aviation and/or aeronautical engineering1,131
87119903Consulting engineer14,636
87119904Designing: ship, boat, machine, and product690
87119905Electrical or electronic engineering2,791
87119906Energy conservation engineering821
87119907Fire protection engineering277
87119908Marine engineering368
87119909Professional engineer2,124