SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8322—Individual and Family Social Services
Establishments primarily engaged in providing one or more of a wide variety of individual and family social, counseling, welfare, or referral services, including refugee, disaster, and temporary relief services. This industry includes offices of specialists providing counseling, referral, and other social services. Government offices directly concerned with the delivery of social services to individuals and families, such as issuing of welfare aid, rent supplements, food stamps, and eligibility casework, are included here, but central office administration of these programs is classified in Public Administration, Industry 9441. Social Security offices are also classified in Public Administration, Industry 9441. Establishments primarily engaged in providing vocational rehabilitation or counseling are classified in Industry 8331; and fraternal, civic, and social associations are classified in Industry 8641.

Activity centers, elderly or handicappedMultiservice centers, neighborhood
Adoption servicesNeighborhood centers
Adult day care centersOffender rehabilitation agencies
Aid to families with dependent children(AFDC)Offender self-help agencies
Alcoholism counseling, nonresidential:except medical treatmentOld age assistance
Centers for senior citizensOutreach programs
Child guidance agenciesParole offices
Community centersProbation offices
Counseling centersPublic welfare centers, offices of
Crisis centersReferral services for personal and social problems
Crisis intervention centersRefugee services
Day care centers, adult and handicappedRelief services, temporary
Disaster servicesSelf-help organizations for alcoholics and gamblers
Emergency sheltersSenior citizens associations
Family counseling servicesService leagues
Family location servicesSettlement houses
Family service agenciesSocial service centers
Helping hand servicesTelephone counseling service
Homemaker's service, primarily nonmedicalTraveler's aid centers
HotlinesYouth centers
Marriage counseling servicesYouth self-help organizations
Meal delivery programs
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8322Individual and Family Services183,106
832200Individual and family services50,119
83220000Individual and family services50,119
832201Geriatric social service17,009
83220100Geriatric social service3,214
83220101Adult day care center3,792
83220102Old age assistance1,122
83220103Senior citizens' center or association8,881
832202Child related social services10,492
83220200Child related social services4,794
83220201Adoption services1,478
83220202Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)96
83220203Child guidance agency402
83220204Childrens' aid society358
83220205Youth center3,054
83220206Youth self-help agency310
832203Emergency social services6,733
83220300Emergency social services1,516
83220301Crisis center969
83220302Crisis intervention center810
83220303Disaster service754
83220304Emergency shelters1,814
83220305First aid service266
83220307Temporary relief service393
832204Rehabilitation services6,284
83220400Rehabilitation services4,209
83220401Offender rehabilitation agency178
83220402Offender self-help agency52
83220403Parole office390
83220404Probation office1,455
832205Family counseling services15,371
83220500Family counseling services11,115
83220501Family (marriage) counseling2,786
83220502Family location service49
83220503Family service agency998
83220504Homemakers' service423
832206General counseling services69,465
83220600General counseling services29,975
83220601Community center12,035
83220602Helping hand service (Big Brother, etc.)349
83220603Multi-service center304
83220604Neighborhood center194
83220605Outreach program3,116
83220606Public welfare center331
83220607Referral service for personal and social problems812
83220608Self-help organization, nec581
83220609Service league498
83220610Social service center12,765
83220611Social worker8,466
83220612Telephone counseling service39
832207Social services for the handicapped3,177
83220700Social services for the handicapped1,991
83220701Association for the handicapped1,186
832208Substance abuse counseling2,832
83220800Substance abuse counseling1,384
83220801Alcoholism counseling, nontreatment1,079
83220802Drug abuse counselor, nontreatment369
832299Individual and family services, nec1,624
83229901Meal delivery program1,114
83229902Refugee service146
83229903Settlement house246
83229904Travelers' aid118