Industry: 7538—General Automotive Repair Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in general automotive repair. Establishments primarily engaged in industrial truck repair are classified in Industry 7699.

Automotive repair shops, generalGarages, general automotive repair and service
Diesel engine repair, automotiveMotor repair, automotive
Engine repair, automotiveTruck engine repair, except industrial
Engine repair, truck: except industrial
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7538General Automotive Repair Shops141,703
753800General automotive repair shops130,477
75380000General automotive repair shops130,477
753801Engine repair6,337
75380100Engine repair2,433
75380101Diesel engine repair: automotive1,333
75380102Engine rebuilding: automotive1,403
75380103Engine repair, except diesel: automotive318
75380104Truck engine repair, except industrial850
753899General automotive repair shops, nec4,889
75389901Recreational vehicle repairs686
75389902General truck repair4,203