SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7991—Physical Fitness Facilities
Establishments primarily engaged in operating reducing and other health clubs, spas, and similar facilities featuring exercise and other active physical fitness conditioning, whether or not on a membership basis. Also included in this industry are establishments providing aerobic dance and exercise classes. Sports and recreation clubs are classified in Industry 7997 if operated on a membership basis, and in Industries 7992 or 7999 if open to the general public. Health resorts and spas providing lodging are classified in

Aerobic dance and exercise classesPhysicel fitness centers
Clubs, healthReducing facilities, physical fitness, without lodging
Exercise salonsSlenderizing salons
Fitness salonsSpas, health fitness: except resort lodges
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7991Physical Fitness Facilities89,910
799100Physical fitness facilities47,473
79910000Physical fitness facilities47,473
799101Physical fitness clubs with training equipment37,567
79910100Physical fitness clubs with training equipment6,819
79910101Athletic club and gymnasiums, membership3,394
79910102Health club9,368
799102Weight reducing clubs712
79910200Weight reducing clubs447
79910201Reducing facility37
79910202Slenderizing salon228
799103Exercise facilities4,158
79910300Exercise facilities1,532
79910301Aerobic dance and exercise classes1,307
79910302Exercise salon1,319