Industry: 8611—Business Associations
Membership organizations engaged in promoting the business interests of their members. Associations owned by their members but organized to perform a specific business function, such as common marketing of crops or joint advertising, are classified according to the function performed.

Better business bureausJunior Chambers of Commerce
Boards of trade, other than security and commodity exchangesManufacturers' institutes
Business associations, other than civic and socialMerchants' associations, not engaged in credit investigations
Chambers of CommercePublic utility associations
Contractor's associationsReal estate boards
Growers' associations, not engaged in contract buying or sellingShipping and steamship company associations
Growers' marketing advisory servicesTrade associations
Industrial standards committees
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
8611Business Associations30,135
861100Business associations10,298
86110000Business associations10,298
861101Trade associations9,781
86110100Trade associations4,681
86110101Contractors' association1,765
86110102Manufacturers' institute832
86110103Merchants' association1,881
86110104Public utility association453
86110105Shipping and steamship company association169
861102Growers' associations533
86110200Growers' associations360
86110201Growers' marketing advisory service173
861103Regulatory associations1,082
86110300Regulatory associations350
86110301Better Business Bureau203
86110302Board of Trade23
86110303Industrial standards committee41
86110304Real estate board465
861199Business associations, nec8,441
86119901Banker's organization, advisory services121
86119902Chamber of Commerce6,849
86119903Community affairs and services1,390
86119904Junior Chamber of Commerce81