Industry: 7319—Advertising, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing advertising services, not elsewhere classified, such as aerial advertising, circular and handbill distribution, distribution or delivery of advertising material or samples, and transit advertising. Establishments primarily engaged in direct mail advertising are classified in Industry 7331; those which write advertising copy, but do not place the advertising with media, are classified in Industry 8999; and those which provide services in commercial art, graphics, or other creative advertising services, but do not place the advertising with media, are classified in Industry Group 733.

Aerial advertisingPoster advertising service, except outdoor
Bus card advertisingSamples, distribution of
Circular distributing serviceShopping news advertising and distributing service
Coupon distributionSky writing
Display advertising service, except outdoorTaxicab card advertising
Handbill distribution serviceTransit advertising
Media buying service
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7319Advertising, Nec6,416
731900Advertising, nec3,277
73190000Advertising, nec3,277
731901Transit advertising services414
73190100Transit advertising services356
73190101Bus card advertising31
73190102Car card advertising13
73190103Taxicab card advertising14
731902Distribution of advertising material or sample services1,056
73190200Distribution of advertising material or sample services539
73190201Circular and handbill distribution43
73190202Coupon distribution127
73190203Sample distribution113
73190204Shopping news, advertising and distributing service234
731903Aerial advertising services100
73190300Aerial advertising services81
73190301Sky writing19
731999Advertising, nec, nec1,569
73199901Display advertising service751
73199902Media buying service777
73199903Poster advertising service, except outdoor41