Industry: 8299—Schools and Educational Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in offering educational courses and services, not elsewhere classified. Included in this industry are music schools, drama schools, language schools, short-term examination preparatory schools, student exchange programs, curriculum development, and vocational counseling, except rehabilitation counseling. Establishments primarily engaged in operating dance schools are classified in Industry 7911, and those providing rehabilitation counseling are classified in Industry 8331.

Art schools, except commercialFlying instruction
Automobile driving instructionHypnosis schools
Baton instructionLanguage schools
Bible schools, not operated by churchesModeling schools, clothes
Ceramics schoolsMusic schools
Charm schoolsPersonal development schools
Civil service schoolsPublic speaking schools
Continuing education programsReading schools
Cooking schoolsSpeed reading courses
Curriculum development, educationalStudent exchange programs
Diction schoolsSurvival schools
Drama schoolsTutoring
Finishing schools, charm and modelingVocational counseling, except rehabilitation counseling
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8299Schools and Educational Services69,478
829900Schools and educational services, nec12,033
82990000Schools and educational services, nec12,033
829901Arts and crafts schools2,372
82990100Arts and crafts schools1,422
82990101Art school, except commercial673
82990102Ceramic school88
82990103Floral arrangement instruction189
829902Educational services36,065
82990200Educational services25,270
82990201Educational service, nondegree granting: continuing educ.2,805
82990202Tutoring school7,990
829903Music and drama schools5,719
82990300Music and drama schools460
82990301Dramatic school179
82990302Music school2,957
82990303Musical instrument lessons1,797
82990304Voice lessons326
829904Vehicle driving school4,893
82990400Vehicle driving school2,789
82990401Automobile driving instruction1,915
82990402Truck driving training189
829905Reading and speaking schools3,255
82990500Reading and speaking schools500
82990501Diction school13
82990502Language school2,283
82990503Public speaking school296
82990504Reading school, including speed reading163
829999Schools and educational services, nec, nec5,141
82999901Airline training417
82999902Bartending school272
82999903Baton instruction45
82999904Bible school246
82999905Cooking school381
82999906Dressmaking school6
82999907Finishing school, charm and modeling101
82999908Flying instruction317
82999909Hypnosis school33
82999910Meditation therapy789
82999911Personal development school615
82999912Prenatal instruction37
82999913Religious school586
82999914Self-defense and athletic instruction577
82999915Student exchange program163
82999916Survival school89
82999917Vocational counseling467