SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7361—Employment Agencies
Establishments primarily engaged in providing employment services, except theatrical employment agencies and motion picture casting bureaus. Establishments classified here may assist either employers or those seeking employment. Establishments primarily engaged in operating theatrical employment agencies are classified in Industry 7922; those operating motion picture casting bureaus are classified in Industry 7819; and farm labor contractors are classified in Agriculture, Industry 0761.

Chauffeur registriesModel registries
Employment agencies, except theatrical and motion pictureNurses' registries
Executive placing servicesShip crew registries
Labor contractors (employment agencies), except farm laborTeachers' registries
Maid registries
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
7361Employment Agencies41,029
736100Employment agencies22,061
73610000Employment agencies22,061
736101Placement agencies17,616
73610100Placement agencies3,456
73610101Executive placement11,337
73610102Labor contractors (employment agency)2,642
73610103Ship crew agency33
73610104Teachers' agency148
73610201Chauffeur registry23
73610202Maid registry9
73610203Model registry18
73610204Nurses' registry1,093