SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7216—Drycleaning Plants, Except Rug Cleaning
Establishments primarily engaged in drycleaning or dyeing apparel and household fabrics other than rugs. Press Shops and agents for drycleaners are classified in Industry 7212; establishments primarily engaged in cleaning rugs are classified in Industry 7217; and establishments primarily engaged in dyeing fabrics for the trade are classified in Manufacturing, Major Group 22.

Cleaning and dyeing plants except rug cleaningDrapery drycleaning plants
Collecting and distributing agencies operated by cleaning plantsDrycleaning plants, except rug cleaning
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7216Drycleaning Plants, Except Rugs16,619
721600Drycleaning plants, except rugs7,830
72160000Drycleaning plants, except rugs7,830
721699Drycleaning plants, except rugs, nec8,789
72169901Cleaning and dyeing, except rugs7,748
72169902Drapery, curtain drycleaning411
72169903Drycleaning collecting and distributing agency630