Industry: 7519—Utility Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Rental
Establishments primarily engaged in daily or extended-term rental of utility trailers and recreational vehicles. Establishments primarily engaged in renting motorcycles, bicycles, golf carts, gocarts, or recreational boats are classified in Industry 7999; and those engaged in renting airplanes are classified in Industry 7359. Establishments primarily engaged in the rental of mobile homes on site are classified in Real Estate, Industry 6515.

Mobile home rental, except on siteTrailer rental
Motor home rentalUtility trailer rental
Popup camper rental
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7519Utility Trailer Rental4,260
751900Utility trailer rental2,558
75190000Utility trailer rental2,558
751901Recreational vehicle rental573
75190100Recreational vehicle rental177
75190101Mobile home rental, except on site255
75190102Motor home rental125
75190103Pop-up camper rental5
75190104Recreational bus leasing11
751999Utility trailer rental, nec1,129
75199901Trailer rental928
75199902Travel, camping or recreational trailer rental65
75199903Mobile offices and commercial units, rental136