SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7374—Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services
Establishments primarily engaged in providing computer processing and data preparation services. The service may consist of complete processing and preparation of reports from data supplied by the customer or a specialized service, such as data entry or making data processing equipment available on an hourly or time-sharing basis.

Calculating service, computerLeasing of computer time
Computer time-sharingOptical scanning data service
Data entry serviceRental of computer time
Data processing servicesService bureaus, computer
Data verification serviceTabulating service, computer
Key punch service
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7374Data Processing and Preparation21,914
737400Data processing and preparation4,001
73740000Data processing and preparation4,001
737401Computer processing services14,353
73740100Computer processing services479
73740101Calculating service (computer)66
73740102Computer graphics service13,532
73740103Computer time-sharing42
73740104Service bureau, computer234
737499Data processing and preparation, nec3,560
73749901Data entry service286
73749902Data processing service2,834
73749903Data verification service171
73749904Keypunch service6
73749905Optical scanning data service252
73749906Tabulating service11