SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7221—Photographic Studios, Portrait
Establishments primarily engaged in still or video portrait photography for the general public. Establishments primarily engaged in commercial photography are classified in Industry 7335; those engaged in video tape production other than portrait are classified in Industry 7812; and those engaged in film developing or print processing for the trade or for the general public are classified in Industry 7384. Establishments primarily engaged in processing film for the motion picture production industry are classified in Industry 7819, and those engaged in computer photography are classified in Industry 7299.

Home photographersSchool photographers
Passport photographersTransient photographers
Photographers, portrait: still or videoVideo photography, portrait
Portrait photographers
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7221Photographic Studios, Portrait86,551
722100Photographic studios, portrait7,125
72210000Photographic studios, portrait7,125
722199Photographic studios, portrait, nec79,426
72219901Home photographer253
72219902Passport photographer99
72219903Photographer, still or video78,800
72219904School photographer169
72219905Transient photographer105