Industry: 7941—Professional Sports Clubs and Promoters
Establishments primarily engaged in operating and promoting professional and semiprofessional athletic clubs; promoting athletic events, including amateur; and managing individual professional athletes. Stadiums and athletic fields are included only if the operator is actually engaged in the promotion of athletic events. Establishments primarily engaged in operating stadiums and athletic fields are classified in Real Estate, Industry Group 651. Amateur sports and athletic clubs are classified in Industry Group 799.

Arenas, boxing and wrestling (sports promotional): professionalProfessional or semiprofessional sports clubs
Athletic field operation (sports promotion)Promoters, sports events
Baseball club, professional or semi-professionalSoccer clubs, professional or semi-professional
Basketball club, professional or semi-professionalSports field operation (sports promotion)
Football club, professional or semi-professionalSports promotion: baseball, football, boxing, etc.
Ice hockey clubs, professional or semi-professionalStadiums (sports promotion)
Managers of individual professional athletes
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7941Sports Clubs, Managers, and Promoters8,045
794100Sports clubs, managers, and promoters1,740
79410000Sports clubs, managers, and promoters1,740
794101Professional and semi-professional sports clubs4,538
79410100Professional and semi-professional sports clubs223
79410101Baseball club, professional and semi-professional337
79410102Basketball club880
79410103Football club1,858
79410104Ice hockey club128
79410105Soccer club1,112
794102Stadium event operator services1,120
79410200Stadium event operator services353
79410201Boxing and wrestling arena244
79410202Sports field or stadium operator, promoting sports events523
794199Sports clubs, managers, and promoters, nec647
79419901Manager of individual professional athletes98
79419902Sports promotion549