Major Group: 73—Business Services

This major group includes establishments primarily engaged in rendering services, not elsewhere classified, to business establishments on a contract or fee basis, such as advertising, credit reporting, collection of claims, mailing, reproduction, stenographic, news syndicates, computer programming, photocopying, duplicating, data processing, services to buildings, and help supply services. Establishments primarily engaged in providing engineering, accounting, research, management, and related services are classified in Major Group 87. Establishments which provide specialized services closely allied to activities covered in other divisions are classified in such divisions.

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
Industry Group 731: Advertising
7311Advertising Agencies21,582
7312Outdoor Advertising Services1,788
7313Radio, Television, and Publishers' Advertising Representatives3,950
7319Advertising, Not Elsewhere Classified6,479
Industry Group 732: Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, Mercantile
7322Adjustment and Collection Services4,571
7323Credit Reporting Services1,116
Industry Group 733: Mailing, Reproduction, Commercial Art And Photography, And Stenographic Services
7331Direct Mail Advertising Services5,038
7334Photocopying and Duplicating Services5,664
7335Commercial Photography16,454
7336Commercial Art and Graphic Design34,904
7338Secretarial and Court Reporting Services11,482
Industry Group 734: Services To Dwellings And Other Buildings
7342Disinfecting and Pest Control Services24,013
7349Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services, Not Elsewhere96,775
Industry Group 735: Miscellaneous Equipment Rental And Leasing
7352Medical Equipment Rental and Leasing2,321
7353Heavy Construction Equipment Rental and Leasing4,836
7359Equipment Rental and Leasing, Not Elsewhere Classified57,148
Industry Group 736: Personnel Supply Services
7361Employment Agencies30,782
7363Help Supply Services21,472
Industry Group 737: Computer Programming, Data Processing, And Other Computer Related Services
7371Computer Programming Services90,573
7372Prepackaged Software21,832
7373Computer Integrated Systems Design21,260
7374Computer Processing and Data Preparation and Processing Services18,811
7375Information Retrieval Services6,440
7376Computer Facilities Management Services1,112
7377Computer Rental and Leasing652
7378Computer Maintenance and Repair11,391
7379Computer Related Services, Not Elsewhere Classified61,058
Industry Group 738: Miscellaneous Business Services
7381Detective, Guard, and Armored Car Services29,119
7382Security Systems Services12,506
7383News Syndicates968
7384Photofinishing Laboratories4,501
7389Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classified1,546,402