Industry: 7342—Disinfecting and Pest Control Services
Establishments primarily engaged in disinfecting dwellings and other buildings, and in termite, insect, rodent, and other pest control, generally in dwellings or other buildings. Establishments primarily engaged in pest control for lawns or agricultural production are classified in Division A, Agriculture.

Bird proofingPest control in structures
Deodorant servicing of rest roomsRest room cleaning service
Disinfecting serviceTermite control
Exterminating serviceWashroom sanitation service
Fumigating service
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7342Disinfecting and Pest Control Services24,364
734200Disinfecting and pest control services4,386
73420000Disinfecting and pest control services4,386
734201Disinfecting services557
73420100Disinfecting services129
73420101Disinfecting and deodorizing173
73420102Rest room cleaning service153
73420103Washroom sanitation service (industrial locations)102
734202Pest control services19,421
73420200Pest control services8,363
73420201Bird proofing64
73420202Exterminating and fumigating2,514
73420203Pest control in structures7,329
73420204Termite control1,151