Industry: 7353—Heavy Construction Equipment Rental and Leasing
Establishments primarily engaged in renting or leasing (except finance leasing) heavy construction equipment, with or without operators. Establishments primarily engaged in finance leasing are classified in Finance, Industry 6159.

Bulldozer rental and leasingCrane rental and leasing
Construction equipment, heavy: rental and leasingEarth moving equipment rental and leasing
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7353Heavy Construction Equipment Rental5,095
735300Heavy construction equipment rental2,929
73530000Heavy construction equipment rental2,929
735301Oil equipment rental services676
73530100Oil equipment rental services143
73530101Oil field equipment, rental or leasing394
73530102Oil well drilling equipment, rental or leasing139
735399Heavy construction equipment rental, nec1,490
73539901Cranes and aerial lift equipment, rental or leasing1,325
73539902Earth moving equipment, rental or leasing165