SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7373—Computer Integrated Systems Design
Establishments primarily engaged in developing or modifying computer software and packaging or bundling the software with purchased computer hardware (computers and computer peripheral equipment) to create and market an integrated system for specific application. Establishments in this industry must provide each of the following services: (1) the development or modification of the computer software; (2) the marketing of purchased computer hardware; and (3) involvement in all phases of systems development from design through installation. Establishments primarily engaged in selling computer hardware are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry 5045, and Retail Trade, Industry 5734; and those manufacturing computers and computer peripheral equipment are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 357.

Computer-aided design (CAD) systems servicesOffice automation, computer systems integration
Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems servicesSystems integration, computer
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems servicesTurnkey vendors, computer systems
Local area network (LAN) systems integratorsValue-added resellers, computer systems
Network systems integration, computer
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7373Computer Integrated Systems Design21,397
737300Computer integrated systems design7,437
73730000Computer integrated systems design7,437
737301Systems software development services6,644
73730100Systems software development services3,645
73730101Computer systems analysis and design1,528
73730102Systems engineering, computer related1,471
737302Systems integration services4,743
73730200Systems integration services3,058
73730201Local area network (LAN) systems integrator1,302
73730202Office computer automation systems integration383
737303Computer system selling services1,581
73730300Computer system selling services270
73730301Turnkey vendors, computer systems194
73730302Value-added resellers, computer systems1,117
737304Computer-aided system services992
73730400Computer-aided system services188
73730401Computer-aided design (CAD) systems service597
73730402Computer-aided engineering (CAE) systems service118
73730403Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) systems service89