SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7338—Secretarial and Court Reporting Services
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing secretarial, typing, word processing, resume writing, and court reporting services.

Court reporting serviceSecretarial service
Editing serviceStenographic service
Letter writing serviceTyping service
Proofreading serviceWord processing service (typing)
Resume writing service
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7338Secretarial and Court Reporting10,700
733800Secretarial and court reporting1,347
73380000Secretarial and court reporting1,347
733801Formal writing services1,505
73380100Formal writing services806
73380101Letter writing service39
73380102Resume writing service660
733802Stenographic services5,439
73380200Stenographic services52
73380201Court reporting service5,346
73380202Public stenographers41
733899Secretarial and court reporting, nec2,409
73389901Editing service530
73389902Proofreading service100
73389903Secretarial and typing service1,561
73389904Word processing service218