SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7331—Direct Mail Advertising Services
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing services for direct mail advertising, such as creating, producing, and mailing of direct mail advertising. This industry also includes establishments primarily engaged in compiling and selling mailing lists. Establishments primarily engaged in reproducing direct mail copy on order, but performing none of the other direct mail advertising services, are classified in Manufacturing, Industry Group 275 if they print the copy, and in Industry 7334 if they duplicate the copy by photocopying or similar reproduction methods.

Address list compilersMail advertising service
Addressing serviceMailing list compilers
Direct mail advertising serviceMailing service
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7331Direct Mail Advertising Services4,825
733100Direct mail advertising services1,580
73310000Direct mail advertising services1,580
733199Direct mail advertising services, nec3,245
73319901Addressing service57
73319902Addressographing service2
73319903Mailing list compilers127
73319904Mailing service2,950
73319905Mailing list management46
73319906Mailing list brokers63