SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7371—Computer Programming Services
Establishments primarily engaged in providing computer programming services on a contract or fee basis. Establishments of this industry perform a variety of additional services, such as computer software design and analysis; modifications of custom software; and training in the use of custom software.

Applications software programming, customComputer software systems analysis and design, custom
Computer code authorsComputer software writers, free-lance
Computer programming servicesProgramming services, computer custom
Computer programs or systems software development, customSoftware programming, custom
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
7371Custom Computer Programming Services144,826
737100Custom computer programming services14,553
73710000Custom computer programming services14,553
737101Custom computer programming services11,046
73710100Custom computer programming services2,839
73710101Computer software systems analysis and design, custom8,207
737102Computer software writing services1,026
73710200Computer software writing services657
73710201Computer code authors88
73710202Computer software writers, freelance281
737103Computer software development and applications118,201
73710300Computer software development and applications54,249
73710301Computer software development55,235
73710302Software programming applications8,717