Industry: 7381—Detective, Guard, and Armored Car Services
Establishments primarily engaged in providing detective, guard, and armored car services. Establishments primarily engaged in monitoring and maintaining security systems devices, such as burglar and fire alarms, are classified in Industry 7382.

Armored car serviceInvestigators, private
Detective agenciesLie detection service
Dogs, rental of: for protective servicePolygraph service
Fingerprint serviceProtective service, guard
Guard serviceSecurity guard service
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7381Detective and Armored Car Services28,774
738100Detective and armored car services2,849
73810000Detective and armored car services2,849
738101Guard services16,553
73810100Guard services8,880
73810101Armored car services647
73810102Burglary protection service83
73810103Guard dog rental58
73810104Protective services, guard1,175
73810105Security guard service5,710
738102Detective services9,372
73810200Detective services641
73810201Detective agency701
73810202Fingerprint service168
73810203Lie detection service238
73810204Private investigator7,624