SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7363—Help Supply Services
Establishments primarily engaged in supplying temporary or continuing help on a contract or fee basis. The help supplied is always on the payroll of the supplying establishments, but is under the direct or general supervision of the business to whom the help is furnished. Establishments which provide both management and staff to operate a business are classified according to the type of activity of the business. Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing personnel to perform a range of services in support of the operation of other establishments are classified in Industry 8744, and those supplying farm labor are classified in Agriculture, Industry 0761.

Employee leasing serviceModeling service
Fashion show model supply serviceOffice help supply service
Help supply serviceTemporary help service
Labor poolsUsher service
Manpower pools
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7363Help Supply Services20,985
736300Help supply services4,458
73630000Help supply services4,458
736301Labor resource services9,496
73630100Labor resource services302
73630101Employee leasing service583
73630102Manpower pools746
73630103Temporary help service7,865
736399Help supply services, nec7,031
73639901Chauffeur service302
73639902Domestic help service487
73639903Engineering help service280
73639904Industrial help service135
73639905Medical help service2,333
73639906Modeling service462
73639907Office help supply service177
73639908Pilot service, aviation1,223
73639909Truck driver services1,545
73639910Usher service14
73639911Boat crew service73