SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8211—Elementary and Secondary Schools
Elementary and secondary schools furnishing academic courses, ordinarily for kindergarten through grade 12. Included in this industry are parochial schools and military academies furnishing academic courses for kindergarten through grade 12, and secondary schools which furnish both academic and technical courses.

Academies, elementary and secondary schoolsPreparatory schools
Boarding schoolsSchools for the disabled
Finishing schools, secondarySchools for the physically handicapped, elementary and secondary
High schoolsSchools, elementary and secondary
KindergartensSeminaries, below university grade
Military academies elementary and secondary levelVocational high schools
Parochial schools, elementary and secondary
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
8211Elementary and Secondary Schools209,188
821100Elementary and secondary schools17,451
82110000Elementary and secondary schools17,451
821101Catholic elementary and secondary schools4,672
82110100Catholic elementary and secondary schools2,189
82110101Catholic combined elementary and secondary school208
82110102Catholic elementary school1,744
82110103Catholic junior high school98
82110104Catholic senior high school362
82110105Catholic special education school61
82110106Catholic vocational/technical school10
821102Private elementary and secondary schools47,541
82110200Private elementary and secondary schools11,031
82110202Boarding school198
82110203Military academy193
82110204Preparatory school1,055
82110205Private combined elementary and secondary school983
82110206Private elementary school1,797
82110207Private junior high school218
82110208Private senior high school362
82110209Private special education school526
82110210Private vocational/technical school134
821103Public elementary and secondary schools122,357
82110300Public elementary and secondary schools20,503
82110301Public adult education school583
82110302Public combined elementary and secondary school2,545
82110303Public elementary school61,941
82110304Public junior high school17,808
82110305Public senior high school17,447
82110306Public special education school650
82110307Public vocational/technical school880
821104Specialty education3,057
82110400Specialty education2,446
82110401School for physically handicapped, nec351
82110402School for retarded, nec260
821199Elementary and secondary schools, nec9,448
82119901Elementary school, nec3,692
82119902Finishing school, secondary18
82119903High school, junior or senior, nec1,928
82119905School board2,319
82119906Secondary school, nec313
82119907Sectarian school13
82119909Vocational high school, nec110