Industry: 7997—Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs
Sports and recreation clubs which are restricted to use by members and their guests. Country, golf, tennis, yacht, and amateur sports and recreation clubs are included in this industry. Physical fitness facilities are classified in Industry 7991.

Aviation clubs, membershipHandball clubs, membership
Baseball clubs except professional and semiprofessionalHockey clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
Bathing beaches, membershipHunt clubs, membership
Beach clubs, membershipRacquetball clubs, membership
Boating clubs, membershipRecreation and sports club, membership: except physical fitness
Bowling leagues or teams, except professional and semiprofessionalRiding clubs, membership
Bridge clubs, membershipShooting clubs, membership
Club, membership: sports and recreation, except physical fitnessSoccer clubs, except professional and semiprofessional
Country clubs, membershipSports and recreation clubs, membership: except physical fitness
Flying fields maintained by aviation clubSwimming clubs, membership
Football club, except professional and semiprofessionalTennis clubs, membership
Golf clubs, membershipYacht clubs, membership
Gun clubs, membership
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7997Membership Sports and Recreation Clubs43,918
799700Membership sports and recreation clubs26,897
79970000Membership sports and recreation clubs26,897
799701Ice sports246
79970100Ice sports74
79970101Curling club, membership54
79970102Hockey club, except professional and semi-professional118
799702Boating and swimming clubs2,624
79970200Boating and swimming clubs67
79970201Beach club, membership113
79970202Boating club, membership245
79970203Swimming club, membership1,300
79970204Yacht club, membership899
799703Gun and hunting clubs1,028
79970300Gun and hunting clubs263
79970301Gun club, membership382
79970302Hunting club, membership383
799704Outdoor field clubs4,522
79970400Outdoor field clubs938
79970401Baseball club, except professional and semi-professional2,761
79970402Football club, except professional and semi-professional37
79970403Polo club, membership38
79970404Soccer club, except professional and semi-professional748
799705Indoor/outdoor court clubs1,186
79970500Indoor/outdoor court clubs55
79970501Handball club, membership15
79970502Racquetball club, membership291
79970503Squash club, membership16
79970504Tennis club, membership809
799799Membership sports and recreation clubs, nec7,415
79979901Aviation club, membership120
79979902Bowling league or team38
79979903Bridge club, membership96
79979904Country club, membership3,766
79979905Flying field, maintained by aviation clubs47
79979906Golf club, membership3,104
79979907Lawn bowling club, membership14
79979908Riding club, membership230