Industry: 7911—Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls
Establishments primarily engaged in operating dance studios, schools, and public dance halls or ballrooms. Establishments primarily engaged in renting facilities used as dance halls or ballrooms are classified in Real Estate, Industry 6512.

Ballroom operationDance studios and schools
Children's dancing schoolsDiscotheques, except those serving alcoholic beverages
Dance hall operationProfessional dancing schools
Dance instructors
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7911Dance Studios, Schools, and Halls17,845
791100Dance studios, schools, and halls9,941
79110000Dance studios, schools, and halls9,941
791101Dance hall services691
79110100Dance hall services112
79110101Dance hall or ballroom operation574
79110102Discotheque, except those serving alcoholic beverages5
791102Dance instructor and school services7,213
79110200Dance instructor and school services3,176
79110201Childrens' dancing school64
79110202Dance instructor1,057
79110203Dance studio and school2,451
79110204Professional dancing school465