SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8049—Offices and Clinics of Health Practitioners, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments of health practitioners engaged in the practice of health fields, not elsewhere classified. Practitioners may or may not be licensed or certified, depending on the State in which they practice. Establishments operating as clinics of health practitioners, not elsewhere classified, are included in this industry.

Acupuncturists, except M.D.: offices ofNutritionists, offices of
Audiologists, offices ofOccupational therapists, offices of
Christian science practitioners, offices ofParamedics, offices of
Dental hygienists, offices ofPhysical therapists, offices of
Dieticians, offices ofPhysicians' assistants, offices of
Hypnotists, offices ofPsychiatric social workers, offices of
Inhalation therapists, registeredPsychologists, clinical offices of
Midwives, offices ofPsychotherapists, except M.D.: offices of
Naturopaths, offices ofSpeech clinicians, offices of
Nurses, registered and practical: offices of, except home healthSpeech pathologists, offices of
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
8049Offices of Health Practitioner179,614
804900Offices of health practitioner69,303
80490000Offices of health practitioner69,303
804901Nutrition specialist3,281
80490100Nutrition specialist1,659
804902Physical therapist33,008
80490200Physical therapist29,389
804903Speech specialist4,434
80490300Speech specialist302
80490301Speech pathologist3,220
80490302Speech therapist912
804904Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist37,553
80490400Psychologist, psychotherapist and hypnotist3,422
80490401Clinical psychologist28,049
80490403Psychiatric social worker268
80490404Psychotherapist, except M.D.4,165
804905Nurses and other medical assistants5,419
80490500Nurses and other medical assistants1,685
80490501Dental hygienist277
80490502Nurses, registered and practical3,457
804999Offices of health practitioners, nec26,616
80499903Biofeedback therapist105
80499905Christian Science practitioner71
80499906Inhalation therapist24
80499909Occupational therapist1,390
80499912Massage Therapist7,286