Industry: 7219—Laundry and Garment Services, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing laundry and garment services, not elsewhere classified, such as the repair, alteration, and storage of clothes for individuals and for the operation of hand laundries. Custom tailors and dressmakers are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5699; fur shops making fur apparel to custom order are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5632; and press shops are classified in Industry 7212.

Diaper servicePillow cleaning and renovating
Dressmaking services on material owned by individual customersRepair of furs and other garments for individuals
Fur garments: cleaning, repairing, and storageReweaving textiles (mending service)
Garment alteration and repair shopsStorage of furs and other garments for individuals
Hand laundriesTailor shops, except custom or merchant tailors
Laundries, except power and coin-operated
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7219Laundry and Garment Services, Nec8,795
721900Laundry and garment services, nec1,821
72190000Laundry and garment services, nec1,821
721901Garment making, alteration, and repair6,264
72190100Garment making, alteration, and repair2,407
72190101Dressmaking service, material owned by customer42
72190102Garment alteration and repair shop2,633
72190104Tailor shop, except custom or merchant tailor828
721902Accessory and non-garment cleaning and repair116
72190200Accessory and non-garment cleaning and repair61
72190201Glove mending for individuals2
72190202Hosiery repair service1
72190203Pillow cleaning and renovating7
72190204Reweaving textiles (mending service)45
721903Infant laundry and garment services147
72190300Infant laundry and garment services10
72190301Diaper service132
72190302Infant wear service5
721904Hand laundries132
72190400Hand laundries118
72190401Chinese hand laundry9
72190402French hand laundry5
721999Laundry and garment services, nec, nec315
72199901Fur garment cleaning, repairing, and storage81
72199902Laundry, except power and coin-operated234