Major Group: 78—Motion Pictures

This major group includes establishments producing and distributing motion pictures, exhibiting motion pictures in commercially operated theaters, and furnishing services to the motion picture industry. The term motion pictures, as used in this major group, includes similar productions for television or other media using film, tape, or other means.

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
Industry Group 781: Motion Picture Production And Allied Services
7812Motion Picture and Video Tape Production26,398
7819Services Allied to Motion Picture Production10,214
Industry Group 782: Motion Picture Distribution And Allied Services
7822Motion Picture and Video Tape Distribution25,036
7829Services Allied to Motion Picture Distribution317
Industry Group 783: Motion Picture Theaters
7832Motion Picture Theaters, Except Drive-In5,552
7833Drive-In Motion Picture Theaters156
Industry Group 784: Video Tape Rental
7841Video Tape Rental5,862