SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7819—Services Allied to Motion Picture Production
Establishments primarily engaged in performing services independent of motion picture production, but allied thereto, such as motion picture film processing, editing, and titling; casting bureaus; wardrobe and studio property rental; television tape services; motion picture and video tape reproduction; and stock footage film libraries.

Casting bureaus, motion pictureMotion picture reproduction
Developing and printing of commercial motion picture filmRental of motion picture equipment
Directors, motion picture: independentStudio property rental for motion picture film production
Editing of motion picture filmTelevision tape services (e.g., editing and transfers)
Film libraries, stock footageTitling of motion picture film
Film processing, motion pictureVideo tape or disk reproduction
Laboratories, motion pictureWardrobe rental for motion picture film production
Motion picture consultants
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7819Services Allied To Motion Pictures12,823
781900Services allied to motion pictures6,954
78190000Services allied to motion pictures6,954
781901Personnel services, motion picture production528
78190100Personnel services, motion picture production77
78190101Cameraman, freelance117
78190102Casting bureau, motion picture65
78190103Consultants, motion picture167
78190104Directors, independent: motion picture96
78190105Employment agencies, motion picture6
781902Reproduction services, motion picture production1,233
78190200Reproduction services, motion picture production30
78190201Video tape or disk reproduction1,203
781903Editing services, motion picture production437
78190300Editing services, motion picture production165
78190301Film processing, editing, and titling: motion picture186
78190302TV tape services: editing, transfers, etc.86
781904Equipment and prop rental, motion picture production489
78190400Equipment and prop rental, motion picture production90
78190401Equipment rental, motion picture147
78190402Film library, stock footage30
78190403Studio property rental, motion picture216
78190404Wardrobe rental for motion picture film production6
781905Developing and laboratory services, motion picture2,397
78190500Developing and laboratory services, motion picture2,320
78190501Developing and printing of commercial motion picture film48
78190502Laboratory service, motion picture29
781999Services allied to motion pictures, nec785
78199901Sound effects and music production, motion picture576
78199902Visual effects production209