SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7822—Motion Picture and Video Tape Distribution
Establishments primarily engaged in the distribution (rental or sale) of theatrical and nontheatrical motion picture films or in the distribution of video tapes and disks, except to the general public. Establishments engaged in both distribution and production are classified in Industry 7812. Establishments primarily engaged in renting video tapes and disks to the general public are classified in Industry 7841, and those engaged in the sale of video tapes and disks to individuals for personal or household use are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5735.

Film exchanges, motion pictureTape distribution for television
Motion picture distribution, exclusive of productionTapes, video, recorded—wholesale
Rental of motion picture filmVideo tapes, recorded—wholesale
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
7822Motion Picture and Tape Distribution27,843
782200Motion picture and tape distribution27,353
78220000Motion picture and tape distribution27,353
782201Film exchange services46
78220100Film exchange services18
78220101Film exchange, for television: motion picture9
78220102Film exchange, motion picture19
782202Film rental services52
78220200Film rental services35
78220201Film rental, for television: motion picture5
78220202Film rental, motion picture12
782203Motion picture distribution178
78220300Motion picture distribution101
78220301Distribution, exclusive of production: motion picture41
78220302Distribution, for television: motion picture36
782204Television and video tape distribution214
78220400Television and video tape distribution85
78220401Television tape distribution23
78220402Video tapes, recorded: wholesale106