SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8361—Residential Care
Establishments primarily engaged in the provision of residential social and personal care for children, the aged, and special categories of persons with some limits on ability for self-care, but where medical care is not a major element. Included are establishments providing 24-hour year-round care for children. Boarding schools providing elementary and secondary education are classified in Industry 8211. Establishments primarily engaged in providing nursing and health-related personal care are classified in Industry Group 805.

Alcoholism rehabilitation centers, residential: with healthHomes for the deaf or blind, with health care incidental
Boys' townsHomes for the emotionally disturbed, with health care incidental
Children's boarding homesHomes for the mentally handicapped, with health care incidental
Children's homesHomes for the physically handicapped, with health care incidental
Children's villagesJuvenile correctional homes
Drug rehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidentalOld soldiers' homes
Group foster homesOrphanages
Halfway group homes for persons with social or personal problemsRehabilitation centers, residential: with health care incidental
Halfway homes for delinquents and offendersRest homes, with health care incidental
Homes for children, with health care incidentalSelf-help group homes for persons with social or personal problems
Homes for destitute men and womenTraining schools for delinquents
Homes for the aged, with health care incidental
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
8361Residential Care32,572
836100Residential care8,984
83610000Residential care8,984
836101Residential care for children3,652
83610100Residential care for children882
83610101Boys' towns84
83610102Children's boarding home46
83610103Children's home746
83610104Children's villages13
83610105Group foster home1,719
836102Juvenile correctional facilities513
83610200Juvenile correctional facilities202
83610201Halfway home for delinquents and offenders152
83610202Juvenile correctional home115
83610203Training school for delinquents44
836103Residential care for the handicapped4,259
83610300Residential care for the handicapped1,084
83610301Deaf or blind home60
83610302Mentally handicapped home2,061
83610303Physically handicapped home318
83610304Retarded home736
836104Geriatric residential care11,652
83610400Geriatric residential care1,159
83610401Aged home9,998
83610402Old soldiers' home19
83610403Rest home, with health care incidental476
836199Residential care, nec3,512
83619901Destitute home222
83619902Emotionally disturbed home192
83619903Halfway group home, persons with social or personal problems644
83619904Rehabilitation center, residential: health care incidental1,474
83619905Self-help group home980