SIC Industry Description

Industry: 7694—Armature Rewinding Shops
Establishments primarily engaged in rewinding armatures and rebuilding or repairing electric motors. Establishments classified here may either repair customers'equipment, or repair or rebuild for sale or exchange to users or the trade.

Armature rewindingHermetics repair
Coil winding serviceRebuilding motors, other than automotive
Electric motor repairRewinding stators
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
7694Armature Rewinding Shops1,569
769400Armature rewinding shops60
76940000Armature rewinding shops60
769401Rewinding services65
76940100Rewinding services40
76940101Coil winding service13
76940102Rewinding stators12
769402Motor repair services1,440
76940200Motor repair services142
76940201Electric motor repair1,243
76940202Rebuilding motors, except automotive55
769499Armature rewinding shops, nec4
76949901Hermetics repair4