SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8062—General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
Establishments primarily engaged in providing general medical and surgical services and other hospital services. Specialty hospitals are classified in Industries 8063 and 8069.

General medical and surgical hospitals
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8062General Medical and Surgical Hospitals35,958
806200General medical and surgical hospitals34,206
80620000General medical and surgical hospitals34,206
806299General medical and surgical hospitals, nec1,752
80629901Hospital, affiliated with AMA residency818
80629902Hospital, med school affiliated with nursing and residency132
80629903Hospital, medical school affiliated with residency129
80629904Hospital, medical school affiliation342
80629905Hospital, professional nursing school101
80629906Hospital, professional nursing school with AMA residency57
80629907Hospital, AMA approved residency173