SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8741—Management Services
Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing general or specialized management services on a day to day basis and on a contract or fee basis. Establishments in this industry do not provide operating staff. Management and operation of a business, where operating staff as well as management is provided, is classified according to the activity of the establishment managed.

Administrative management servicesConstruction management
Business management servicesMotel management services
Circuit management services for motion picture theatersOffice management services
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
8741Management Services156,517
874100Management services114,871
87410000Management services114,871
874101Business management29,059
87410100Business management20,313
87410101Administrative management2,429
87410102Financial management for business5,603
87410103Office management476
87410104Personnel management238
874199Management services, nec12,587
87419901Circuit management for motion picture theaters75
87419902Construction management6,828
87419903Industrial management178
87419904Hotel or motel management1,713
87419905Restaurant management1,211
87419906Hospital management1,662
87419907Nursing and personal care facility management920