Industry: 8249—Vocational Schools, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in offering specialized vocational courses, not elsewhere classified. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in furnishing educational courses by mail. Offices maintained by such schools for the sale of correspondence courses are included. Beauty schools are classified in Industry 7231, and barber schools are classified in Industry 7241. Establishments primarily engaged in offering flying instruction are classified in Industry 8299. Schools offering academic degrees are classified in Industry Groups 821 and 822.

Aviation schools, excluding flying instructionReal estate schools
Banking schools (training in banking)Restaurant operation schools
Commercial art schoolsTrade schools
Construction equipment operation schoolsTruck driving schools
Correspondence schools, including branch offices and solicitorsVocational apprenticeship training
Nursing schools, practicalVocational schools: except high schools, data processing, or business
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
8249Vocational Schools, Nec10,359
824900Vocational schools, nec2,805
82490000Vocational schools, nec2,805
824901Trade school1,399
82490100Trade school844
82490101Construction operation school81
82490102Vocational apprentice training474
824902Business training services2,332
82490200Business training services1,886
82490201Banking school, training19
82490202Real estate and insurance school427
824903Medical training services2,112
82490300Medical training services1,597
82490301Medical and dental assistant school308
82490302Practical nursing school207
824999Vocational schools, nec, nec1,711
82499901Aviation school932
82499902Civil service training school95
82499903Commercial art school408
82499904Correspondence school62
82499905Restaurant operation school12
82499906Travel agent school202