SIC Industry Description

Industry: 8111—Legal Services
Establishments which are headed by members of the bar and are primarily engaged in offering legal advice or services.

AttorneysLegal aid services
Counselors at lawLegal services
Law officesPatent solicitors' offices
LawyersReferees in bankruptcy
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
8111Legal Services323,701
811100Legal services41,202
81110000Legal services41,202
811101Specialized legal services2,141
81110100Specialized legal services1,940
81110101Bankruptcy referee150
81110102Patent solicitor51
811102Specialized law offices, attorneys34,401
81110200Specialized law offices, attorneys10,237
81110201Administrative and government law348
81110202Antitrust and trade regulation law31
81110203Bankrupcy law2,547
81110204Corporate, partnership and business law1,270
81110205Criminal law7,540
81110206Debt collection law152
81110207Divorce and family law3,458
81110208Environmental law126
81110209Immigration and naturalization law2,631
81110210Labor and employment law1,052
81110211Malpractice and negligence law403
81110212Patent, trademark and copyright law743
81110213Product liability law35
81110214Real estate law2,290
81110215Securities law67
81110216Taxation law323
81110217Will, estate and trust law1,148
811199Legal services, nec245,957
81119901General practice attorney, lawyer168,052
81119902General practice law office76,304
81119903Legal aid service1,601