Industry: 7948—Racing, Including Track Operation
Promoters and participants in racing activities, including racetrack operators, operators of racing stables, jockeys, racehorse trainers, and race car owners and operators.

Dog racingRace car drivers and owners
Dragstrip operationRacetrack operation: e.g. horse, dog, auto
Horses, race: trainingRacing stables, operation of
Horses, racing ofSpeedway operation
Jockeys, horse racingStock car racing
Motorcycle racingTraining racehorses
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
7948Racing, Including Track Operation5,819
794800Racing, including track operation2,951
79480000Racing, including track operation2,951
794801Motor vehicle racing and drivers1,021
79480100Motor vehicle racing and drivers380
79480101Motorcycle racing154
79480102Race car drivers157
79480103Race car owners140
79480104Stock car racing157
79480105Boat racing33
794802Race track operation943
79480200Race track operation236
79480201Auto race track operation542
79480202Dog race track operation24
79480203Dragstrip operation28
79480204Horse race track operation113
794803Racehorse care569
79480300Racehorse care21
79480301Racehorse training162
79480302Stables, racing386
794804Dog and horse racing, and drivers335
79480400Dog and horse racing, and drivers15
79480401Dog racing22
79480402Harness horse racing30
79480403Harness racing driver3
79480404Horses, racing195
79480405Jockey, horse racing18
79480406Thoroughbred horse racing52